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From Paul J Barrett <>
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 19:00:08 GMT
I see many examples of using some library api to use php with couchdb, but I don't see anything
that demonstrates using json and making the put, post, get, delete directly using the REST

Is it that difficult to use php directly with couchdb that you need the added frameworks?
I only work with php infrequently so I am no master php developer but it seems a little overly
complicated considering that most Couchdb tutorials demonstrate the basics using curl. The
websites I develop usually have some simple forms (guest book, or something similar) and simple
retrieval mechanisms so I am looking for the simplest way to start using couchdb.

I am interested in learning about couchdb and how it solves problems differently or better
than a sql server.

Thanks in advance for your input on the above questions and statements.

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