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From Al Macmillan>
Subject Test suite faik
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2010 02:51:32 GMT

I've been trying to install CouchDB on my webfusion virtual server. I followed the latest
instructions from the webfusion forum (see:
) and it runs (just) Futon is very sluggish and I get 502 errors. Anyway when I run the test
suite it fails on multiple tests. Webfaction support have been great but don't have erlang
experience to interpret the error logs. Can anyone help me know what might be wrong?

Test suite result: basics, all_docs, attachments, attachments_multipart, attachment_names,
compact, config, conflicts, delayed_commits, design_docs, design_options

all the errors are:

Exception raised: {"error":"unknown","reason":"\u000d\u000a502 Bad Gateway\u000d\u000a\u000d\u000a<\h1>502
Bad Gateway\u000d\u000a

except for 'compact; which also has:

Assertion failed: xhr.responseText == "This is a base64 encoded text" Assertion failed: xhr.getResponseHeader("Content-Type")
== "text/plain"

I'm stumped.

Anybody know what these indicate?


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