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From Jochen Kempf <>
Subject Replication error using basic authentication on nginx
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 22:32:43 GMT

I have been trying to figure out quite for a while why I cannot do
"pull replication using nginx basic authentication on the source
I simply do not know what I am doing wrong nor why couchdb fails
replicating giving a not authorized error considering I can
successfully do a put request to a design doc.
I tried replication both in futon as on console but no chance to get it work :-(

I have put a public gist at:
which shows a couchdb log for the corresponding "pull replication, a
couchdb log for a put request to a design doc, the replication http
response, my complete nginx.conf file and my iptables. Both systems
use Ubuntu 10.04 and Couchdb 0.11.1.

As I use the same credentials for both the basic authentication in
nginx and couchdb the put request to a design doc succeeds - why
doesn't the replication?

Can anyone explain the logic of the couchdb replication log?
Why is there a 404 response?
Why are there a 301 response?

I really got stuck with that and need to find any suitable solution to
use couchdb without admin party mode.

Any hint is highly appreciated!

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