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From Gregory Tappero <>
Subject File system data representation
Date Sun, 15 Aug 2010 21:32:52 GMT
Hello couchers,

I was looking in a way to build S3 like  with couchdb.

- buckets and files
- sharing between users
- update/move folders in buckets

Using a separate doc for Each File with the pathj of the file in json
seemed  like a good plan. We Can easily lits files and folders
children of a given path when emiting on each /foo/ part of the path
Sharing is also solved by creating sharing doc for a given path and
user using pattern matching we can find out if a file is accessible to
a user. /foo/bar matches /foo/ so Bob is allowed to see bar.

For thé move folders action however i other  solution t han
performing an update of path for all docs touched by the move
operation.  / foo/bar and foo/bar/a plus sharings will need to be
changed if foo become 'bizz', quite inneficient.

Do you see some other solutions ?

Greg Tappero
CTO co founder Edoboard
+33 0645764425

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