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From Ian Wootten <>
Subject Struggling with a particular Map / Reduce
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 08:26:57 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I was hoping somebody might be able to solve a problem I'm having
attempting to implement a view at the moment.

Essentially, what it does is to take a collection of documents which
each have a single author and a list of names (which a possibly
repeated). There may be multiple documents by the same author, with
the same names within. Here's an example doc.
doc.titles = ['sometitle', 'someothertitle', 'sometitle, 'anothertitle']

I would like to return a list of the top 3 titles across for each
author across all documents. I have tried and failed for several days
to get this working correctly.

So far, my map is as follows, giving the unique titles for a document,
not ordered at all:

function(doc) {

  var unique_titles = [];

  for(var i in doc.titles)
     var count=0;

       for(var j in unique_titles)


  for(var k=0; k<unique_titles.length;k++)
    emit(, unique_titles[k]);

My map is as follows, this returns two unique titles from a single
document when only a single document exists for an author(I think):

function(keys, values, rereduce) {
 return values.splice(0,2);

My problem is that:

a) I can't return more than 2 items from the values array (if I set
the splice length to 3, futon spits back a non-reducing error at me).
b) Where multiple documents exist for the same author, in some
instances I see a weird multi-dimensional array returned (rather than
just two values). For example:

Presumably b) is the result of multiple documents for a single author
interfering with one another, though I'm confused as to how I
configure my map/reduce in order to get the information I'm after (I
also wonder if its even possible).

I've attempted to understand the documentation on reduce functions,
taking a look at the many examples that exist too, but I'm unable to
understand them well enough to solve my problem.

I'd appreciate any help on this!



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