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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: CouchDB Huh! What is it good for?
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 16:04:18 GMT
Also, don't underestimate the native power of JavaScript.


On 12 Aug 2010, at 15:11, Nitin Borwankar wrote:

> Could not the same "criticism" be leveled at any database - that it cannot do computationally
complex tasks?  
> Almost by definition a database is not expected to do those things, but rather to make
data storage, indexing and access fast and easy. 
> So I am not sure CouchDB has any unique deficiencies in that regard. 
> Cheers,
> Nitin 
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> On Aug 11, 2010, at 10:43 AM, Victor Stan <> wrote:
>> So in going through the CouchDB book, and playing a bit more with it,
>> as well as thinking about the needs of my own projects I came to
>> realize that perhaps there are some things that I need to better
>> understand or that couch db may not be able to handle because of it's
>> inherent nature. I will like it of you folks helped me shed some light
>> on these discoveries/opinions...
>> The way I see it now, Couch DB is a really good platform for creating
>> highly scalable apps that are restricted to the data in the database,
>> and whatever JavaScript can do in a web browser. This means that Couch
>> DB can do anything that is implemented in a web browser like HTML,
>> CSS, SVG, Web3D/webGL(in the future/nightly builds) and whatever
>> documents exist in the database.
>> However, what CouchDB can't handle is anything that needs to be
>> computed, which relies on specific libraries, outside the scope of
>> CouchDB itself, such as for example, image processing, video/audio
>> processing/encoding, cryptography(although maybe some js options
>> exist)
>> This means that CouchDB can excell at information and data that is
>> stored exactly in the way that it is meant to be displayed (if it is
>> not computed on the fly, or text) but can't handle any 'heavy'
>> computation on binary data. This would limit the extend that CouchApp
>> can be seen as a true 'application' development platform, to the
>> extent that it is pretty much limited to dealing with database
>> introspection, input/output, but no complex computation (that is
>> beyond map/reduce)...
>> How much of that is right/wrong?
>> I appreciate all enlightening information from you!
>> Victor Stan

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