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From Christian Siegert <>
Subject _deleted_conflicts in CouchDB 0.10
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 08:20:59 GMT

I use Ubuntu with CouchDB 0.10 (the most recent version available in the 
repository). When I create a document, delete it, and create a document 
with the same id but different content, I produce _deleted_conflicts.

Someone confirmed that this problem is also present in CouchDB 0.12. Is 
CouchDB 1.0.1 affected as well? ... Can I ignore this for the time being 
or does it have negative implications?

Here are the steps to replicate it:

// Create database "test-db"
$ curl -X "PUT" "http://localhost:5984/test-db"

// Create document with id "hello"
$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"blah":"heee"}' "http://localhost:5984/test-db/hello"

// Delete the document (Replace {REVISION} with revision provided by the 
response when you created the document, do not put quotes around the 
$ curl -X "DELETE" "http://localhost:5984/test-db/hello?rev={REVISION}"

// Add document with id "hello" but different content than previously
$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"blah":"bummer"}' "http://localhost:5984/test-db/hello"

// See if we created a conflict (Check if the field "_deleted_conflicts" 
is present)
$ curl -X "GET" "http://localhost:5984/test-db/hello?meta=true"


me@laptop:~$ curl -X "PUT" "http://localhost:5984/test-db"

me@laptop:~$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"blah":"heee"}' 

me@laptop:~$ curl -X "DELETE" 

me@laptop:~$ curl -X "PUT" -d '{"blah":"bummer"}' 

me@laptop:~$ curl -X "GET" "http://localhost:5984/test-db/hello?meta=true"

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