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From zecat <>
Subject Re: replication users
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 14:14:53 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm very interested to get any information on this topic too, and in 
security replication in general.
I plan to deploy several couchdb instance, and I plan to implement 
different users and roles to use on this cloud.
I think, I don't understand very well the user/role and replication 
mechanism. I tried different configuration.
As far as I understand, the _users databases can be replicated, but not 
the user and role assigned on another database.
Example :
- I created a tesdb on couchdb1
- I applied a security setting (with Futon ) to define some admins and 
readers names/roles ,
- I defined a replica of  testb on couchdb2
- I launched a replication job between couchdb1/testdb and couchdb2/testdb.
But it seems there is no security replicated from couchdb1/testdb to 

Is it normal ? Does it could be a great security feature to assist 
replication of the security setting for a replication database in a cloud ?

Maybe I'm completly wrong on this subject ?

Other question about multiple couchdb instance and replication :
When (for perf, or LB, or HA purpose) you need more than 2 couchdb 
replica of the same database, what is supposed to be the more efficent 
architecture ?
- Something in ring style : A>B>C>A
- Same with a dual reverse replication scheme ? A>B>C>A,   A>C>B>A
- Or a grap cluster style A>B, A>C, B>A, C>A
- Or a n^2 dual replica with every possible peer db ? A>B, A>C, B>A, 
B>C, C>A, C>B

I'd appreciate any comment on this !



Le 19/08/2010 16:21, Nathan Stott a écrit :
>   Are there any special considerations when replicating the _users
> database as opposed to normal databases?  Is this a good way to share
> users between servers that should share users and trust one another?

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