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From Sam Bisbee <>
Subject Re: can't upgrade from .10 to .11
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 20:37:42 GMT
On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 01:24:18PM -0400, wrote:
> I followed your instructions the apt-get upgrade couchdb
> after updating
> and starting couchdb I still get Futon on Apache CouchDB    0.10.0 in the lower right
corner when going to
> localhost:5984/_utils
> curl
> gives back
> couchdb welcome version .0.10.0
> So what do I try next.
> Do I have to restart the computer?

I'd recommend stopping couchdb and using `ps` to see if there are any couchdb
processes still running. If there are, then kill them (including the heart
process) or restart the box, and see if you still have this problem.

Context: I/we/Debian patched the init file in release 0.10.1-2, adding a
configurable grace period so that couchdb could stop before the init script
ended (it also added harsher stop instructions to make sure couchdb was really,
REALLY stopped). This was manifesting as a problem when you would uninstall or
upgrade the package - ex., old code from the previous version would still be
running in a process. You would have this patch since, as Noah said, Ubuntu
still pulls couchdb from Debian. But you might be having problems with the


Sam Bisbee

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