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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Serving audio/ogg HTML5 from CouchDB to Google Chrome
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2010 23:20:26 GMT

On Jul 18, 2010, at 2:57 PM, david martin wrote:

> On 18/07/10 18:34, J Chris Anderson wrote:
>> On Jul 18, 2010, at 4:18 AM, david martin wrote:
>>>   Dear CouchDB users list,
>>>   I am trying to serve an audio/ogg page in an accessible for a partially sighted
>>> web application from couchDB front-ended by Apache2.
>>>   I test using Firefox on the basis that partially sighted persons can be
>>> advised to choose appropriate browsers to enable accessibility, and that
>>> Firefox is freely available and also has the ability to easily magnify
>>> the whole page via Ctrl+.
>>>   In the course of testing other browsers for compatibility for
>>> serving of audio/ogg using HTML5, I have partially tested all the browsers
>>> in the IE (European) browser chooser. Of the 12 browsers suggested in
>>> so-called random order, only Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera
>>> supported the HTML5 audio tag in any way.
>>>   Although I am happy to support only one free, easily accessible,
>>> browser on the desktop and go for Firefox exclusively as a target browser,
>>> I have started testing others of the candidate browsers especially for
>>> mobile applications where Firefox may not be appropriate.
>>>   The first I tested is Chrome/Chromium. I am using
>>> the latest chromium-browser-bin 52833-1 although My problem exists with
>>> all versions of Chrome, and I believe is not a Chrome problem,
>>> but a CouchDB issue.
>>>   Using  CouchDB  0.11.0, Erlang R13B04  and serving sample ogg files from
>>> (a). CouchDB (front-ended by Apache2) and
>>> (b). from Apache2 direct
>>> All tests work perfectly in Firefox/3.6.6
>>> Tests work on Chrome/Chromium when served from a file by Apache2
>>> Tests FAIL on Chrome/Chromium when served from couchDB via Apache2
>> It would be helpful to understand what's actually happening here... is the audio/ogg
downloading as a file? Is it failing to play?
>> What happens if you bypass Apache altogether and connect to CouchDB directly with
>> What are your tests? Is it possible to share the code?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
> Dear Chris, The audio/ogg does seem to download as a file, It does fail to play.
>      I have usually bypassed Apache2 and only use it for web facing applications for
redirection purposes.
> The effect is independent  from Apache2 and is the same if accessing couchDB direct.

Thanks for the details.

Perhaps this has to do with CouchDB not sending the content length header. This has been fixed
since 0.11.0, so upgrading to 0.11.1 or 1.0 should fix it.


>    As far as tests and sharing code, I am only too happy to share anything that I am
> although there is no code needed to illustrate what I am saying.
> I have a known working audio/ogg file uploaded (via futon if required, but normally uploaded
by a
> couchbeam erlang application). When this file is served direct from couchDB to Firefox
it loads and plays,
> the controls work (but it does not know its length),
> When served to Chrome it seems to load (although the diagnostics in Chrome developer
> are not as clear as on Firebug ), In fact it seems to load and then perform a small stutter
> of unknown purpose.
> I have taken a screenshot of both so that you can see what I see. If I can help in any
> just ask! Screenshot of problem <>
> David Martin

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