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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Hello / Archiving
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2010 17:48:12 GMT

On Jul 31, 2010, at 10:45 AM, Simon Woodhead wrote:

> Hi folks,
> First off: thanks! CouchDB is something I found out about by accident by
> virtue of my g/f breaking her toe but that's another story, although I'm
> really glad she did. I've been reading about it lots and have finally
> deployed it in a real-world trial today.
> We store gazillions of small records. We already have them in JSON as they
> flow through our queuing system. Along the way we take key bits of that info
> into RDMS for main use but the end result is we need to keep the rest
> somewhere for easy access. We tried S3 but it was too slow, we tried
> simpleDB but hit the limits in hours so we've finally bit the bullet and are
> trying CouchDB. So far so good - we write with our unique id as the _id
> which make retrieval superbly easy. We haven't got into views but don't need
> to for this application - just lots of parallel writes and a very occasional
> retrieval.
> However, in a little over an hour of the trial we have a 2GB database and it
> is growing quickly. This is no great surprise as there is an awful lot of
> data getting pumped in here - in raw JSON it amounts to 10-15GB per day. So
> my question to the list is are there any approved methods of archiving?
> Sharding seems unnecessary since one node more than handles our read/write
> requirements, but it is going to need a tonne of storage. We'll also be
> replicating between sites so the total requirement will be doubled.
> Presently it is running as a VM with storage on the SAN so any usage is
> expensive.
> One idea I have had is to name the database to include the date and then
> databases above a certain age could be detached and compressed somewhere.
> Does that sound workable and is there an approved method for detaching? It
> looks like we could just move the file without any adverse consequences but
> I wanted to check! And re-attaching?

this is what I would suggest.

the 1.x line will be binary compatible, so you should have no trouble re-activating stored

> So far, CouchDB is looking like a dream come true and I'm very sure we're
> going to move other applications to it as we find our way around. I have no
> doubt we're going to be a relatively large deployment when we find our feet
> with it so thanks again to all involved.

if you hit walls, please ask here before getting frustrated. there is a lot of experience
with very large scale CouchDB, so folks will be able to help.


> cheers,
> Simon
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