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From Charlie Chilton <>
Subject Would CouchDB and Views suitable for Raw sensor data?
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 07:14:56 GMT

Recently I saw Aaron Miller has an Alpha of CouchDB running on
Android, which has me very excited about the convergence of these two

One project where CouchDB on Android could help us would be for the
logging of Bluetooth sensor data (such as GPS, and other external
sensors, such as Weather).

CouchDB is appealing here because of its replication technology;
sharing the sensors DB's to other Android Devices in the area and back
to base over the mobile network would be great!

After reading much about CouchDB, I was wondering if anyone could
'sanity check' the idea of putting raw sensor data into the Database,
and then writing views to extract meaningful information from it.

Some of the sensor data would be binary, while other stuff such as GPS
would be text based NMEA strings. Regardless of the sensor data output
type, each raw insertion into the database would be a complete
'sentence' of input, so the views would have something
reliable/predictable to work on.

The other option is to decode the sensor data prior to insertion, but
this doesn't feel as fun!

Any comments appreciated,


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