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From David Coallier <>
Subject Re: CouchDB brand identity and design of
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 10:27:01 GMT
> Give a more clear message about CouchApps.
> Most people I have talked to, had a hard time trying to understand what
> CouchApps are (and why do CouchApps) and immediately ask for examples.
> Somehow, by just mentioning only HTTP REST interface and JSON people don't
> realize the possibilty of applications hosted in CouchDB without a middle
> tier (web or app server).
> We need, imho, to give yet more emphasis on CouchApps.

I can't agree with this. Whilst CouchApps are really cool and one of
the widely unknown feature of what you can do with CouchDB, I don't
believe it is appropriate to display and put them in emphasis as the
first face of the website. It should show what is couchdb and what it
does as a primary function.

Perhaps a "little known features" section on the website that could be
either rotating or a carousel-like could be an interesting idea to
display the likes of CouchApps, Mustache and Couch, etc. (IE:

David Coallier

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