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From Kenneth Tyler <>
Subject Re: My first few days of using couchdb
Date Sun, 25 Jul 2010 18:08:30 GMT
> For example:-
> [ "holiday","camping"]
> or
> ["holiday","skiing"]
> I can easily create a view that allows me to search the tags with ?key="holiday"
> however I cannot work out how to select photos which contains both tag1 and
> tag2.

one thing to consider is how you expect the tags to be used: skiing +
holiday may mean the same thing as "skiing holiday". In which case you
really have 2 tags "skiing holiday" and "skiing"  or perhaps somday
you want all your holiday pictures, regardless, so you have 3 tags
"skiing holiday" "skiing" and "holiday".

this is a variation of chris's suggestion that you emit multiple
tags... but i'm putting it on the other end, saying enter multiple
tags. If you enter single tags... then emitting their combinations
mechanically means that they multiply quite rapidly. However, if you
enter the meaningful combinations only, then you can search on them
and you do not have to store all the non-meaningful combinations

if you have 15 tags on a picture, i'm sure that all the possible
combinations of the fifteen tags are not going to be meaningful. we
are used to just entering the 15 tags and then searching for ad hoc
combinations of them because that is the way a SQL dataabbase works.
It thinks nothing of all the possible cominations. So we are used to
taking a shortcut when we "tag" the pictures.

if i'm tagging a picture i took on "sky line drive", then searching
for "sky", "line" or "drive" doesn't make much sense.

what this might mean is a new interface for entering tags... that
indicates which tags could be grouped together...we are used to seeing
tags as a list because sql databases store and manipulate lists...

ken tyler

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