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From Volker Mische <>
Subject Re: geocouch
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 11:25:40 GMT
Hi Norman,

On 07/17/2010 09:15 PM, Norman Barker wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using geocouch to index documents and it is working well, I have
> had a couple of issues, firstly you can only emit one spatial key per
> document and it is useful to emit more than one spatial key as you
> parse the document (rather than creating a geojson geometry
> collection).

If it's currently not possible to have several emit()s it's a bug. I 
really need a JavaScript test suite, not only Erlang tests for the vtree.

> Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, if you don't emit a spatial
> key then the indexing fails.
> In couch_spatial_updater I changed the spatial docs function as below,
> but this should be considered a workaround, I see the bbox to
> [[{{-181.0, -91.0, -181.0, -91.0}, [null]}]]; knowing that won't be
> queried, really I would like to set it to the atom undefined and not
> have it in the index when not emitted.

Kind of funny that so many people discovered this bug within a few days.
Normally if the code doesn't reach an emit() it won't show up in the 
index. I will fix it.

> Final comment is that I was patching a 1.0 windows release, and the
> only 1.0 branch files that are different are couch_view_group and
> couch_query_servers and the changes were -export([hex_sig/1]). and
> -export([get_os_process/1]). if they could get added to trunk then
> perhaps geocouch could be kept as a separate plugin? I was able to put
> the daemons in local.ini and it worked fine.

That's the plan. Though I haven't had the time yet. First step will be 
to move to trunk, and the reorganizing the code.

> Good work though, this is cool and is really quick!.

Thanks :)


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