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From Knut Behrends <>
Subject Re: Couchdb and OpenSolaris
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:31:34 GMT
 >We need couchdb 0.11 installed onto a Solaris 10 server. Has anyone
 >written a more recent guide for installing couchdb on Solaris than the
 >Joyent 0.8.1 guide?

Last month I succeeded in installing Couchdb on Solaris 10 following the 
Joyent Guide, with some modifications.

I managed to install a version of couchdb 0.11 that somehow passes the 
"make test", (or whatever its name), but it starts up a nonworking couchdb.

I had to install GNU sed and redo the configure - make -install cycle.
Suns Built-in sed creates incorrect Makefile + other scripts.

The diagnosis commands on the erl shell
1> application:start(couch)
, mentioned on this web page
"CouchDB fails to start, just hangs."
was also helpful.

But as I said, installing GNU sed and setting the PATH appropriately 
sufficed for me. Don't know if this can help you on OPenSOlaris, though

Don't remember what else I did. I also omitted the cc => gcc hack as our 
Solaris always uses gcc by default.


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Email:           KeyID: 0xF22CACEF (GPG Public Key)

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