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From Sebastian Cohnen <>
Subject Re: View Efficency
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 13:38:08 GMT
in that case, you want the power of a search engine like lucene/solr. you should definitely
have a look at couchdb-lucene. 

You wrote in another reply:
> but we are querying through multiple document "keys" not key contents! and we are not
bios toward 
> full-text indexers for now in this project. 

you can actually define very precisely what you want to have indexed by lucene, may it be
only one key, or everything down to attachments.

On 29.06.2010, at 15:10, Behrad Zari wrote:

> It's AND-logic. I read my post again and found that I've written "OR" 
> mistakenly. 
> Actually talking, we are gonna filter results that are starting with 
> key[i]=val[i] AND starting with key[j]=val[j]
> (our searches use startkey and endkey to filter doc ranges)
> So, we may emit compound/array keys:  [key1, ...] to simulate AND-logic.
> I get your idea Sebastian, but CouchDB is preferred to do the actual filtering 
> (unity of all _byKey view results) since each of  returned rows from the server 
> may contain huge number of results! and this is not an efficient solution 
> instead of a MAY-BE-EXISTING serverside solution. (based on B+trees)
> --Behrad

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