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From Caleb Land <>
Subject A question about attachments, stubs, and revpos
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 16:33:51 GMT
I'm writing a CouchDB library for ruby (who isn't these days :)), partly for
my own use, and partly to teach myself about how couch works, and play with
some ideas I have about working with it.

I've begun to implement attachments, and I'm a bit stuck about how to go

Basically, I want to know how I can:

1) GET a document and store it in an object
2) PUT an attachment to that document
3) PUT that document with revised fields

The problem is, when I PUT the attachment, the document is updated and the
new document rev is returned. I can easily stuff this rev into the _rev
field of my local document (like everyone does when they PUT a document...
so subsequent PUTs use the correct _rev), but the problem comes when I need
to PUT the document, and that document doesn't have the stub for the newly
uploaded attachment.

I asked this question on IRC and got a reasonable answer back: Don't modify
a document twice in a row without fetching it in between.

This makes sense, but then I thought about how when we save documents, we
update our local copy's _rev with the rev returned by the server so we
wouldn't have to fetch it again.

Also, if the local document has some other fields that have changed (let's
say so that we could do validation before uploading the attachments), then
we have to refetch the document's _attachments and merge them in.

I can see two options to handle this:

1) fetch the document again and grab the _attachments and find the new
attachment and merge it in with the local document
2) build a stub and inject it into the local document:
  'stub': true,
  'revpos': parseInt(return_from_attachment_put['rev']) // *

* I'm not sure about this, since I didn't see a formal definition for
'revpos' anywhere, but this seems to be how it works

My question is, what would an experienced CouchDB developer do in this

Caleb Land

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