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From "Kendelenyi, Gabor" <>
Subject Crash: Ip or Hostname as bind_address
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 11:48:22 GMT
Hi All,

I have no problem starting up a couchdb using an ip address as the bind_address, however when
I try to use hostname then I get this error message.

What am I doing wrong?

[error] [<0.77.0>] {error_report,<0.31.0>,

=SUPERVISOR REPORT==== 21-Jun-2010::07:45:07 ===
     Supervisor: {local,couch_server_sup}
     Context:    start_error
     Reason:     shutdown
     Offender:   [{pid,undefined},

=CRASH REPORT==== 21-Jun-2010::07:45:07 ===
    initial call: application_master:init/4
    pid: <0.31.0>
    registered_name: []
    exception exit: {bad_return,
      in function  application_master:init/4
    ancestors: [<0.30.0>]
    messages: [{'EXIT',<0.32.0>,normal}]
    links: [<0.30.0>,<0.6.0>]
    dictionary: []
    trap_exit: true
    status: running
    heap_size: 1597
    stack_size: 24
    reductions: 426

Cheers, Gabor

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