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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: Literature Survey
Date Sat, 29 May 2010 17:23:12 GMT

On May 29, 2010, at 7:59 AM, mario dcunha wrote:

> Alrite... well this if for my project in college in my last semester... we are quite
late for the final project submission, so working a hell lot on it now, to complete it before
the deadline. it will be done so by june first 2 weeks, so after that I would love to share
it with you...
> what we are presenting for the project evaluation in college is only the first phase
and main build up... but later we want to work more on it and think of doing something bigger
with it... if time and circumstance permits...
> will let u know for sure... thanks for the info and I will report whateve u have given
here in my project report with due credit to you...
> Thanks again... do let me know if u have heard about other projects on these lines...

there is an actionscript client for CouchDB

what you are doing seems to be right in the CouchDB sweet spot, so let us know if you have
questions, or code you want to share.


> ________________________________
> From: Patrick Barnes <>
> To:
> Sent: Sat, 29 May, 2010 8:23:53 PM
> Subject: Re: Literature Survey
> Hi Mario,
> This project of yours sounds interesting! I'm building a system at the
> moment to handle large amounts of university data
> - doc types are users, roles, and groups.
> - users are all staff, students, external
> - groups are hierarchically and flexibly arranged from faculty, school,
> subject, semester, tutorials, to student group projects.
> - roles represent user->group relations, and represent student enrolment,
> tutor assignment, and administrator privileges.
> - couchdb access is by applications.
> - each application can attach its own data to users, groups or roles, so
> many apps don't need their own db.
> There's no "literature" for it yet, or even much documentation - but I'd be
> happy to discuss it with you further if you're interested. I'd love to know
> more about what you're planning,  as well.
> Patrick Barnes
> Senior Software Engineer
> Faculty of Engineering and IT
> University of Technology, Sydney
> On 30/05/2010 12:11 AM, "mario dcunha" <> wrote:
> Hi. My team is working on a project with the following details:
> - Backend is CouchDB
> - The user enters his login details and retrieves data from the databse.
> - flex is used for front end
> its a college department manager and the actors in the system are student,
> faculty and the admin. I want to get information about other projects on the
> same lines with couchDB as the back end... this is required for my
> literature survey on the project.
> Plese let me know of such projects. You can also give me links where I can
> find more on this....
> Thank you,
> Regards
> Mario Dcunha

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