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From Metin Akat <>
Subject couchdb-lucene: is there some way to index several documents together
Date Wed, 12 May 2010 08:06:54 GMT
Imagine I have a blog posts and comments (the famous example from the
"view collation" article).
Now imagine I want to search posts, both by their content and their
comments' content.
And besides, I just want one result on match - the blog post itself,
and not  10 comments (and thus 10 different documents) that match the
search query.

So, I'm thinking, is there some way to index documents in a controlled
fashion (for example index documents returned by a couchdb view), in
such a way, that several documents result in a single lucene entry.

Or, is there some way to access some lucene entry while indexing some
document (and instead of return new lucene entry, update the "other"

I am absolutely aware that this is violating the REST principles etc.
etc., but in this case I just need this functionality, and I am quite
OK to violate them (it doesn't hurt my data, only my search)

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