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From "Leucht, Axel" <>
Subject Couchdb via java
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 10:07:23 GMT
I'm currently evaluating couchdb as a database for one of our web

This scenario requires couchdb to be used from java. Therefore I
downloaded couchdb-0.11.0 and couchdb4j-0.1.2.jar. 

I did install couchdb on my Windows-XP box and it runs fine:
Then I inserted two simple documents and tried to "query" it with the
following java program:

Session s = new Session("localhost", 5984);
Database db = s.getDatabase("mydb");
ViewResults result = db.getAllDocuments(); 		
for (Document d : result.getResults()) {
	System.out.println("id:"+d.getId());	 // Oops
	String id = (String) d.get("id");
	System.out.println("id:"+id); 		// Here "id" is correct

	Document full = db.getDocument(d.getId());	

Problem is that the document Ids are not returned. But the program
reports the proper id when getting the field directly. 

What gives?



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