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From "Kropp, Henning" <>
Subject Executing script after insert (Trigger)
Date Tue, 18 May 2010 09:36:20 GMT

I read about the possibility to "trigger" index updates after an amount
of inserts. I would like to execute a script after every insert to
update some logic, for example to update the count of blog posts in the
db (I believe this example would not make much sense, but still ..)

Is it generally possible to execute a script/view after every an insert
in couchdb, besides using validation which I suppose could be used as a

And/Or is it possible to find out which are new entries after the last
execution of a view, so one could execute a scheduled script which only
executes on the new entries? Sticking to the example of counting blog
posts and suppose I would have hundreds of categories and would only
like to update the count of the new categories not having to go through
the rest.

I am new to couchdb, its concept and erlangen.
Kind regards

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