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From "c.Kleinhuis">
Subject Re: large attachments/huge databases ?`
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 18:23:47 GMT

>> -he read that indexing is significantly higher than e.g. mysql -
>> my answer was that indexing is not affecting performance because it is a
>> one time action ....
> Right, once indices are generated, they are updated incrementally and very fast on access.
ok, sounds good

>> -another point is general performance of about e.g. 200.000 documents in a single
>> database ... how is disk usage when maintaining versioning of each document ?
>> -can the versioning be deactivated or deleted ?!
> Again, there is no "versioning" of documents - at least not what most people expect from
document versioning. There are only two reasons why couchdb keep "versions" of documents:
MVCC and the append-only principle.
> You need to compact your database on a regular bases (depending on your updates to documents)
and no, there is no way to completely disable "versioning" (and it wouldn't make any sense
to do that). The append-only approach leads automatically to higher disk usage compared to
in-place updates, thus you need to cleanup your database (run compaction) but you win robustness
and there is no fixup phase needed in case of hardware failure e.g.
in fact i would like to use the versioning exthausive, because each 
version of a task status should be
accessible, can i access older versions of a document easily ?!

the versioning feature is quite cool, because i would have to implement 
it using hibernate/spring
otherwise ...

> you're welcome :)


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