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Subject couchdb 0.11 on debian lenny, futon.js error
Date Thu, 27 May 2010 15:00:56 GMT

I managed to install couchdb 0.11 on a debian lenny via 

deb testing main contrib non-free

in /etc/apt/sources.list

As far as I can see couchdb is up and running fine. I added two databases and querying them
via curl worked great.

The problem however is that Futon does not work right. 


The Startpage renders and shows only the website skeleton. The sidebar is missing and no database
is shown in the database section of the screen.

Firebugs console tells me there is a javascript error: is not a function

[Break on this error] return'focusin', function() {


futon.js?0.11.0 (line 382)

which is in context:

 $.fn.addPlaceholder = function() {
379 if (this[0] && "placeholder" in document.createElement("input")) {
380 return; // found native placeholder support
381 }
382 return'focusin', function() {
383 var input = $(this);
384 if (input.val() === input.attr("placeholder")) {
385 input.removeClass("placeholder").val("");
386 }
387 }).live("focusout", function() {
388 var input = $(this);
389 if (input.val() === "") {
390 input.val(input.attr("placeholder")).addClass("placeholder");
391 }
392 }).trigger("focusout");
393 } 

Does anyone has experienced the same problem and could help me out or give some hints about
a possible misconfiguration?

Maybe some info about the environment may help:

Linux Debian-50-lenny-64-LAMP 2.6.26-2-amd64


erl -version
Erlang (SMP,ASYNC_THREADS) (BEAM) emulator version 5.7.5

in default.ini:
only changed the default to:
bind_address =

The problem does occur on other PCs and other browsers as well.

Since I only found one guy who had the same problem (without solving it) in the web (
I really would appreciate some hints for further investigation.



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