Hello i'm new to couchDB.

I'm asking me some questions about this software.
I'd like to make a platform with messages.
There will be a central server with a couchDB database and http server and client applications which can receive and deliver messages (message==document).
The user will be notified from messages from his contacts or organization, even his own-fixed tasks, sheduled events that he had fix him or assigned to him on his agenda.
I think about a very small client app, with calendar and events, task lists and deadlines for tasks. Application would take place in the task bar as an icon with access to:
- agenda
  - event reminder
  - event creation
- e-mail received (notification from e-mail client application)
- messages received
- sending messsages to contacts
It would be an application for an organization or a group of friends or colleages.

About organization I was thinking about a photography club, a photographer could save the location and description where he put his new nice photo online. And other members get notified of his post (ie a post on Flickr or Picasa)

A new contact/agenda application based on couchDB would be something interesting?
That was my first idea of an application based on couchDB when i read the website presenting the software.

One question : can couchDB handle binary documents like pictures, music, and videos, or simply link to them?
Second question: If I want to make this application, what storage for concrete 'documents' (no couchDB Document) like pictures?
- FTP and HTTP?
- P2P but about privacy?
I 'm going to read the book about couchDB and perhaps contribute to this project.