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From Kenneth Tyler <>
Subject Re: an aggregate object
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 00:39:00 GMT
so, a couple of people replied and caused a lot of thinking...
here's where i'm at now:




this is a view which has a composite key: the content_id, the
version_id and the variant_id
all three items have 088c in the first place... which means they are
all part of the same aggregate.
the first item is a version of itself, so it has 088c in the second
place, and null in the variant slot.
the second item is a version of the first item, so it has 088c in the
second place and null in the variant slot
the third item is a variant of the first item, so it has null in its
version slot, and the id of the first item in its variant slot

i tried to think of an easy example for "version/variant"... so ruby
1.9 is a "version" of ruby, but jruby is a "variant" of ruby, and in
this scheme they would both be part of the "ruby" aggregate

this scheme should allow versions of variants, and variants of versions

i know it sounds really complicated... but i'm trying to get past the
"file" metaphor for content... you know.. this is a file, and here are
the past versions... or here is the tree of changes

just because the computer treats content as files... that is not
necessarily the best metaphor for human beings

in the example above an image file which was the ruby logo would also
be "part of" the 'ruby aggregate

thanks for listening...

ken tyler

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