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From Fred Lemasson <>
Subject delete Docs
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2010 12:14:48 GMT
I everyone

I could use some advice on CouchDB "Best Pratice" for deleting documents.

Lets say I know the id of some docs I want to delete, I still have to
retreive their _rev number before sending the DELETE. So, do I really
have to read(GET request) an entire document just to get its _rev or
should I create a _view to get _id + _rev pairs ?
Both ways seem non ideal to me, because why loading an entire document
just to read its _rev (it might be a really big doc and u might have a
lot of them) and why create a _view that will suffer from indexation
process, reading a single value is supposed to be quick ...
Or may be there is a way to get "just" the _rev from some doc _id that
I don't know about ?

Feel free to show me the way ... and let me know how u proceed ...


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