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From Niels KjĂžller Hansen <>
Subject Replication and backwards compatibility
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2010 21:35:34 GMT
Hello people

I have been playing with the desktop-couch on my Ubuntu Karmic/Lucid
(Couch 0.10) for some time, and have some sets of data that I would like
to replicate to a webserver to try out couch for web development.

However, the small VPS that runs my web server is a Ubuntu Intrepid
server, and the couchdb package is only version 0.8. After binding the
server to the external ip (I can access futon from my desktop), I try to
go into Futon on my desktop and push replicate to the server. I get the
following message:

"Replication failed: Undefined"

I am guessing that this means that I have to upgrade my servers version
of Couch? Other than manually copying the json, is there an relatively
easy way to still cram the data over there?

I am having trouble building 0.11 from source on the server, but that is
for another day.


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