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From Rodrigo Moya <>
Subject Re: CouchDB C API
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 16:36:38 GMT
On Thu, 2010-04-08 at 16:18 +0000, J├╝rgen Kraus wrote:
> Guys/gals,
> states that to use this
> API, you just have to
> cd /home/user/couchdb/CouchProjects/Libraries/c/src/
> make
> make install (as root)
> So far, so good, so - what? There is no such thing as 'CouchProjects', not even
> a home directory for the (non-interactive) couchdb account. I'm using 0.11.0
> built from the source tarball on FreeBSD 8.0. Searching the internet for
> anything related to 'CouchProjects' came up with no useful results (same for
> "libcouchdb.h"), and checking older versions of CouchDB (back to
> 0.80.0-incubating) also did not offer any further insight. Is that beast still
> supported at all? Or is the wiki page simply obsolete and I should better not
> even think about pursuing that path any further?
not sure what's the status of that project, but last time I looked, it
was almost dead. So I'd suggest you use the couchdb-glib library, which
is in C also:

latest releases are at

it's the best C library for couchdb you can find :)

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