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From "A.J. Brown">
Subject Help With View Query
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2010 21:51:02 GMT
Hi All,

I'm having some trouble querying a view.  Can you help me out?  I'm
trying to query a view of comments for a specific topic.  My view has
the topic document id and a ISO date string as the key.

I've tried many combinations of the following, but no matter what I
always get the entire list of comments back.  There are 3 comments in
the database that should match (have the correct topic_id) and 6 total


Here's the map function for that view:

function(doc) {if( doc.type == 'comment' ) { emit( [doc.topic_id,
doc.created], doc );}}

And here's an example comment document:

   "_id": "1b324c9430cd734bc08ae773c659170c",
   "_rev": "1-8526badbb1259f10cd4b938a2e7c3918",
   "type": "comment",
   "author": "ajbrown",
   "topic_id": "2e7768c509e896e658ecb75f3c1cf84c",
   "parent_comment_id": "",
   "message": "tsetst etettstts",
   "created": "2010-03-23T17:32:19-04:00"

In Futon, my keys look right.  Example:

["2e7768c509e896e658ecb75f3c1cf84c", "2010-03-23T17:32:19-04:00"]

A.J. Brown
Software Engineer, ZCE
blog :
talk  : (937) 540-0099
chat : IntypicaAJ

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