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From faust 1111 <>
Subject bulk Updates
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2010 00:03:58 GMT
if i follow

The CouchDB pattern would be something like:

1. Define a view that allows you to fetch the docs you want.
2. Fetch the docs, possibly using ?include_docs=true
3. Update the docs in the client
4. Push all the docs back using _bulk_docs

its will be to slow in my case
i have contents with authors:
content {
  authors: [
     {name: 'Lara', slug: 23424},
     {name: 'Dimon', slug: 23445}

if author change name i must fetch 2000 docs and by hand change author
name in each doc
this is crazy job guy`s.

May be i`am thinking in wrong way?
please help.

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