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From Don Park <>
Subject map/reduce
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2010 23:17:08 GMT
I've been getting into couchdb and learning about map/reduce. I have
read about it before but writing my own map and reduce functions and
playing with simple datasets have been really eye-opening. There is
one area that I'm still trying to grasp. CouchDB is built on
map/reduce but it doesn't seem to use map/reduce in a distributed
fashion. If i call a couchdb server process a "node", i can issue a
query to a node and have it map/reduce the answer. I can start five
nodes and they can keep in sync. I can send five queries and have each
of the five nodes work on the answer to their question. What I thought
the "big win" as far as map/reduce is, is to issue one query and have
it divided amongst the five nodes to get the answer with some kind of
linear speedup for that one answer.

Thanks in advance,

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