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From David Goodlad <>
Subject Re: Rewrite removing query string
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 11:31:44 GMT
After some experiments on the train and a quick discussion with
benoitc in #couchdb, this seems to be a result of using vhosts, not

I have the following vhost setup:

swift-ca.swiftshift.local:5984 = /swift-ca/_design/swift/_rewrite

The debug logs show the following when I request

[debug] [<0.94.0>] Vhost Target:
[debug] [<0.94.0>] 'GET'
Headers: [{'Connection',"close"},
          {'User-Agent',"HTTP%20Client/0.9.1 CFNetwork/454.5
Darwin/10.2.0 (i386) (MacBookPro5%2C1)"}]
[debug] [<0.94.0>] OAuth Params: []
[debug] [<0.94.0>] rewrite to "/swift-ca/_design/swift/_view/schedules"
[debug] [<0.94.0>] 'GET' /swift-ca/_design/swift/_view/schedules {1,1}

When I request http://localhost:5984/swift-ca/_design/swift/_view/schedules?include_docs=true
I get the following:

[debug] [<0.231.0>] 'GET'
/swift-ca/_design/swift/_view/schedules?include_docs=true {1,1}
Headers: [{'Connection',"close"},
          {'User-Agent',"HTTP%20Client/0.9.1 CFNetwork/454.5
Darwin/10.2.0 (i386) (MacBookPro5%2C1)"}]
[debug] [<0.231.0>] OAuth Params: [{"include_docs","true"}]
[debug] [<0.231.0>] request_group {Pid, Seq} {<0.109.0>,214}
[info] [<0.231.0>] - - 'GET'
/swift-ca/_design/swift/_view/schedules?include_docs=true 200

Note that the include_docs=true param is included in the logs when I
don't use the vhost.

My erlang-foo is not up to snuff enough to reason through the vhost
code and find the issue (I did look!). Anyone have any input?


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