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From Nils Breunese <>
Subject Re: RHEL5.1
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:32:17 GMT
j d wrote:

> Yeah, I inherited this server and I'm sure whatever support and
> updating services they paid for are now over.  I didn't think I needed
> the RHN, I figured that was only a rpm repo run by Red Hat and that I
> just needed to point yum to a free place (like EPEL).  I guess at this
> point my only choices are to either update RHEL (hope you can do this
> for free if you don't buy support) or to take another 3 days to wipe
> the machine and reinstall with another Linux variant.

EPEL is only providing *extra* packages for RHEL/CentOS. You still need
to have the base and updates channels configured. If you don't want to
renew your RHN subscription, my choice would be to make it into a CentOS
5 machine (binary compatible with RHEL). You'd need to install the
centos-release package instead of the redhat-release one:



That should enable the CentOS base and updates repositories. Subsequent
runs of yum update will get their packages from the CentOS repositories.

But this project is going out of the CouchDB scope now, so you might
want to take this off-list to a CentOS forum or something. Be sure you
know what you're doing if this is a production server.


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