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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: Moving Couchdb after Windows install
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2010 02:43:46 GMT
On 7/03/2010 4:43 AM, Carl McDade wrote:
> I just tried the windows installer for couchdb  0.10.0. I have a few issues
> with it. First I already have Erlang installed and package does not allow
> for this.

What do you mean by "allow for this"?  It is designed to leave any 
existing erlang installs completely alone (ie, it is a "full" binary 
installation that neither depends on, nor can conflict with, other 
software you may have installed - including the erlang runtime)

> Secondly the installer assumes installation in the Program Files
> directory and does not allow for custom installation paths.

Can you clarify this?  The installer allows you to specify the path to 
install into.

> Question: If I want to move the binaries from the installer location to the
> Erlang directory what directories and files do I need. And where do I place
> them?

You should move the entire tree to anywhere else you like - although you 
will need to run the 'Install.exe' which is installed into the program 
root directory (this exe is provided by erlang and updates erlang itself 
to refer to the new directories).  No couchdb specific files should need 
to be modified - unless you already modified the couchdb .ini files to 
use full paths instead of the relative ones it uses by default)

If you are asking how to copy *only* the couchdb specific files so your 
existing erlang installation is used - I'm afraid that isn't supported.

> Question: Does anyone have a tutorial for compiling Couchdb on Windows
> without Cygwin?

AFAIK it simply can't be built without cygwin - the build process relies 
on too many cygwin specific tools to make this viable.  See also the 
erlang build process instructions (on which the couch build instructions 
are based)


> Thanks,

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