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From j d <>
Subject The Tao of the Couch
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 00:09:50 GMT
Looking for guidance on the way of couchdb and non-relational storage.

My system needs to show features (stored as documents).  Features need
to be associated with 0-N projects (also stored as documents).  Each
project also has a list of joined users (again, documents).  So given
a login of X User, I need to know the projects they have and once a
project is selected, I need to return its features.  My first
implementation stores arrays of document ids as relations, where User
has of list of Project ids, Projects have lists of User and Feature
ids, and features have lists of Project ids.  I can imagine taking out
the array of project ids from the User documents and then just having
a view with the User ids as the key and the values are the Project
documents.  It still feels like I am missing the proper methodology
and that there is an even better way the store/retrieve concepts like
associations/ownerships/etc. in couchdb.

Any thoughts are great, thanks.

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