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From Nitin Borwankar <>
Subject some comments from a recent survey
Date Thu, 11 Feb 2010 23:11:00 GMT
Hi all,

This is a teaser - the rest will be coming over the next day or two.
These are the comments I gathered from a survey i did on this list in Nov 09
Sorry for the delay.

In the interim, as many of you may know I accepted a position at Couchio to
basically help CouchDB users become even more awesome.
I'll talk about that in a seperate email but for now here's what you all
said :-
I might end up putting these up on the Couchio web site - to show the world
how happy people are using CouchDB.

Here's what people said as to why they use CouchDB/what they like about
CouchDB, in my survey on the user list.

"It solves the custom index problem like noone else has."

"The network link between our factory and head office was dicey, by using
couchdb it didn't matter if we lost the connection for 1/2 day, since it was
just resync when it was back up and running."

"It makes my life SO much easier when developing applications. I had to
design a SQL scheme for a client in third normal form the other day, writing
JOIN queries, etc. and I hated my life for that. Then I wrote them another
application of equal complexity in half the time."

"CouchDB appeals because (1) it is an Apache project; (2) it is written in
Erlang, a language which is distributed in nature and has built-in
concurrency; (3) CouchDB's use of standard web technologies HTTP, JavaScript
and JSON; (4) CouchDB's RESTful JSON API; (5) its replication abilities; (6)
its use of key/values pairs; (7) its use of MapReduce for querying."

"This is commercial software."

"It really is Relaxing"

"The map/reduce and document model that couch uses is much better for some
of our workflows (monitoring and long term statistics collection) then a
relational database."

"It's great :)"

and finally ... drum roll ....

"Cause its awesome."


If you said one of these things and don't want it to turn up on the Couchio
web site pl email me at off the list and I will remove what
you said - but you'll have to tell me which one of these it was :-).

I didn't take the survey myself but I should have.  Here's what I would have

"We used CouchDB as the primary database for  Unknown to
us we were written up on Slashdot and Slashdotted.  CouchDB did not even
hiccup.  Nothing needed to be restarted.
All this was on a single lowest end EC2 instance that also had the staging
server running on it. "

[[ I liked the product so much I joined the company :-) ]]

I am creating Google charts and widgets with results from the survey so you
can embed them and use them in your blog posts for evangelism.
These will be coming over the next day or two.

Nitin Borwankar

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