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From "Hay (Husky)" <>
Subject jQuery plugins for CouchDB
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2010 23:28:47 GMT
Hi everyone,
for a website we're currently building i'm experimenting with jQuery
to get CouchDB results from a server. I've been looking into jQuery
plugins to make everything a little easier, but after doing some
research i haven't come up with much, so i hope maybe someone on this
list could get me a little further.

One plugin i've found is called jqCouch, but the last release is from
2007, so i guess that's pretty ancient in CouchDB terms. I guess JSONP
support (which is essential for the site i'm building) is not in

The other plugin is the 'official' one shipped with the tarball for
the view frontend (jquery.couch.js). I get the feeling that the plugin
is only written for the view backend, because it doesn't have any
documentation and it also seems to lack JSONP support and setting
another server than 'localhost'. Of course, i could hack the
jquery.couch.js plugin to add support for both, but i'm hoping that
there's another, easier solution.

-- Hay

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