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From Paweł Stawicki <>
Subject Re: Replication question
Date Sat, 27 Feb 2010 09:12:06 GMT
Yon need to be admin to create ddocs. So when entering url to
replicate to in futon, you need to enter

Paweł Stawicki

On 27/02/2010, James Marca <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to replicate a database and not have to duplicate the view
> building part.  As a test, I just used futon to replicate one database
> into a new database.
> I was expecting that the views would copy over too, but they
> don't...looking in /var/lib/couchdb I see the .original_design
> directory, but the .copy_design directory is empty.
> Are design documents supposed to be replicated or not?
> I have auth turn on, and I'd read somewhere in the mailing list that
> it can sometimes cause problems with replication, but I can't find
> details.
> My eventual use case is a data collection application.  I want to have
> a single master db that pulls in data from several detector-specific
> dbs.  Each sensor db will be computing its own data views, but I don't
> want to have to repeat that work on the master server, I just want to
> merge the trees together, if that is possible.  Also I've found that
> view generation tends to be faster if the data is split up into a
> bunch of small dbs than if it is one big db, but that time savings is
> meaningless if the big db also has to crunch the data.
> I'm running 0.11.x, pulled from the github repo on about Jan 13 (git
> commit 67b876687796a64580d76f94b540d55fb8f4f4e7).
> Thanks in advance for any advice on this.
> James Marca
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