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From J Chris Anderson <>
Subject Re: revs_info param no longer working with _all_docs query
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 22:11:55 GMT

On Feb 24, 2010, at 8:56 AM, Jens Alfke wrote:

> I'm updating CouchObjC, an Objective-C/Cocoa adapter for CouchDB (my fork is here.) It
was last updated a year ago and seems to have some incompatibilities with CouchDB 0.10, judging
by the unit-test failures.
> One of the failures I can't figure out is that it sends a query for all design docs with
their revision histories:
> GET /DBNAME/_all_docs?startkey=%22_design%22&endkey=%22_design0%22&include_docs=true&revs_info=true
> But the documents in the response don't contain the special "_rev_infos" keys (or even
"_revisions") as the HTTP Document API wiki page says they should.
> I've tried various alternate possibilities for the "revs_info=" parameter ("rev_infos",
"rev_info", "revs") but to no avail. Does this feature just not exist anymore, or did the
naming system change?

Good question -- I don't remember changing this on purpose. I'd have to grep the source code
to know for sure, though.

Anyone else have a more definitive answer?

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