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From Rui Ferreira <>
Subject Replication on Windows with remote database
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 09:18:22 GMT

I'm trying out CouchDB on Windows and I'm particularly interested in the 
replication feature. I'm running CouchDB version 0.10.0 (installed it 
via the Windows binary installer).

I've successfully performed replication between two databases running in 
the same daemon.

However, I was not able to do it with databases in different daemons 
(i.e., replication between a local database and a remote database). I 
tried using host names (localhost, my_server) and IP addresses 
(, my_IP_address) and tried running the daemons in the same 
machine and in different machines. None worked! The bind addresses in my 
local.ini files are, also. I always get the same error: 

I googled it, searched the mailing list and the tracking system, but 
haven't found an answer. I don't know if this is a Windows only problem, 
but has anyone solved it?

Thanks in advance,
Rui Ferreira.

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