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From Mark Hammond <>
Subject Re: Windows installer 0.10.1
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 01:39:06 GMT
Noah writes:
> Interesting.
> So to do a release, we'd need two people involved. Me, presumably,
> for the UNIX tarball, and yourself for the Windows installer. Is
> there a single file that is generated by your build system, that will
> work for all Windows users?


> How tested is it?

The cuts I made for 0.10 have been fairly well tested by me, and by all 
accounts, most other people have also had success.

> Would you be confident
> including it as part of the 0.11 release?

I would, assuming some extra testing of 0.11 builds.  I guess I should 
put some 'beta' or 'test' builds out there for people to try.

> I guess all we'd have to do, if you were confident in what we have
> already, is branch like usual, prepare the release artefacts
> separately, move them to my p.a.o account, and call a vote on them at
> the same time.
> Any ASF wonks on this list know if there is anything to consider
> here? Do we have to have two votes for two release artefacts, or can
> we vote on them as part of a single release?

I can't find a formal definition for artefact on the apache site and implies it means 'one of the 
files in a release'.  So I don't quite see why a windows installer 
couldn't be treated just like any other file in the release.  One 
release can have multiple artefacts, but only 1 vote is required, right?



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