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From Kai Griffin <>
Subject Re: Windows installer 0.10.1
Date Tue, 16 Feb 2010 11:30:30 GMT

On 16/02/2010 11:22, Daniel Rosowski wrote:
>> ...It'd be nice if extremely
>> useful downloadables like these could be mirrored on at least a couple
>> of sites... if possible.  It's unclear to me whether the Windows
>> installer is an unofficial, private thing, or a semi-official offering -
> The download worked for me today without problems. I'd still like to suggest a more reliable
approach to provide an easy way to get up and running under windows. The windows installer
is not mentioned at all in the download section on the official apache site. I'm convinced
that providing some windows binaries (installer or archive, doesn't matter) in the download
section would result in a much wider acceptance in the professional sector. As much as I hate
to say it, but I'm not alone, there are many more people having to work with a windows box
at work. It is said some even just prefer windows as an OS, but I can't provide proof. IMHO,
excluding those developers (at least at the first sight, not everybody takes a look in the
wiki) is a big drawback for couchDBs popularity.
For me, it's a case of /having/ to work with Windows; I'm using couch to 
call external processes on the same box, which are based on legacy 
windows code that I don't want to rewrite in a hurry.  Essentially, I'm 
ripping apart our existing desktop application, and turning parts of its 
functionality into individual little external procs for couchdb to call 
server-side.  With loads of time, I'd prefer to migrate everything to 
Linux and be done with it, but doing it this way makes it possible to 
even consider using couchdb (which I really like!!).
>> certainly enormous thanks to Mark Hammond are in order for creating it!
> Totally agree on that. Great effort!
> Cheers,
> Daniel

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