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From Santi Saez <>
Subject Re: Best way to store 2^32 IPs in CouchDB
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 18:50:00 GMT
El 01/02/10 17:56, Paul Davis escribió:

Dear Paul,

> Well, 2^32 of anything is 4GiB per byte stored. So, minimum of four
> bytes and you're at 16GiB. Even with just 1KiB overhead you're at
> 4TiB.
> I'm left wondering why you would want to store a list of numbers in
> the first place.

Imagine a service like Netcraft.

I know that there aren't 2^32 active servers, but I wanted to test it 
with 4.3 billion documents and stress/benchamark CouchDB with other DBs.


Santi Saez

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