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From Santi Saez <>
Subject Best way to store 2^32 IPs in CouchDB
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2010 16:27:23 GMT


I'm doing some initial tests with CouchDB, trying to store 2^32 IP 
addresses (approximately 4.3 billions of documents).

Documents have only required fields: _id and _rev, but I've noticed that 
the minimum space occupied by each document is approximately 3.7KB, so I 
need +14TB disk space only for the basic scheme without any extra field 
(using IP as unique identifier in integer format).

Note that playing with a simple Python script and a binary data file, 
this data can be stored in 16GB space (each IP 4 = bytes * 2 ^32 addresses).

Is it possible to optimize the disk space for what I'm trying to do 
using CouchDB? Perhaps disabling "something", compressing, or changing 
_rev field format/size.. thanks!!

I haver read the manual for CouchDB perfomance, but I didn't get it:


Santi Saez

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