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From "Markus Jelsma" <>
Subject Re: Several newbie CouchDB questions.
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 18:59:17 GMT
Time Less said:
> I am looking at CouchDB as a possible database for a future feature in
> Firefox. However, I'm having trouble locating a good document for
> architecture and to answer questions about (for example) how node
> failure is handled. Of course I also have questions about data storage,
> backups, recovery, etc.
> This writeup seems Quite Good:
> but appears to've
> been written five years ago. Are all those design decisions still
> relevent? Were all those features actually implemented?
> At the highest level: Suppose I want to set up a database cluster.
> Suppose I want to distribute the data across many nodes (but not all of
> them, in order to scale my writes). Do I need Lounge if I want CouchDB
> to help me solve this problem? If so, is there a good document about how
> it deals with node failure, node additions, node subtractions? Is this a
> proper forum for asking questions about Lounge?

At this moment you would need lounge indeed. Unfortunately, there isn't
really good documentation on how it actually works and why it works like
that. There is, however, documentation on how to install the several

At this moment, documentation is still spread between the github and
google code. Perhaps now would be a good moment to invest some additional
time and add documentation which i'd prefer to put on CouchDB's own wiki
instead, but i'm unsure if the contributers will be very happy with that.

At least, it works quite well and you can ask about it on this
mailinglist, there is no other public place to discuss at this moment.

> Thanks in advance for infos and pointers!
> --
> timeless(ness)

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