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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Windows installer 0.10.1
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 02:57:49 GMT

On 18 Feb 2010, at 01:39, Mark Hammond wrote:

>> Any ASF wonks on this list know if there is anything to consider
>> here? Do we have to have two votes for two release artefacts, or can
>> we vote on them as part of a single release?
> I can't find a formal definition for artefact on the apache site and
implies it means 'one of the files in a release'.  So I don't quite see why a windows installer
couldn't be treated just like any other file in the release.  One release can have multiple
artefacts, but only 1 vote is required, right?

By the looks of things, the source package (the tarball) must be cryptographically signed
by the Release Manager (me) and any binary artefacts (a Windows executable) must be derived
directly from the source package (the tarball) in question and cryptographically signed by
a committer (you) prior to a vote, which is presumably on the source package (the tarball)
and all related binary artefacts (a Windows executable) from that source package.


So, I need your GPG key to add the KEYS file. Have you ever been to a key signing party? It's
not required, but it would probably help in some way.

Does anyone else (specifically the PMC or ASF members) have something to add to this?

If everyone is happy, I am happy making 0.11 our first official Windows release.
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