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From "Joscha Feth" <>
Subject Re: _list behaves weird on start() after using getRow()
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 16:50:49 GMT
Joscha Feth wrote:

> that would allow for calling getRow without sending any headers and
> still force validity if the user decides to use send() without calling

I see the problem now :) - chunks added to the queue are streamed to
the client on each getRow() call, there is no real buffer - thats why
it is needed to send the client in advance to any additional call to

What about an additional function hasRows() instead - that should do
the trick to at least find out if there are rows at all, which should
help in 90% of all the cases.
Another option would be an additional flush() method which would allow
flushing the chunk buffer on the user's choice - that would also be
consistent with how output streams are handled in other

I think a combination of both would be best - defaulting to flush() on
every call to getRow() for inexperienced users, with a flag to disable
immediate flushing and let the experienced users decide when they want
to flush.
Together with an hasRows() method which does not send any headers this
should be a good solution for everyone. Thoughts?



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