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From Nic Pottier <>
Subject Building IFI View for Text Queries
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2010 18:10:27 GMT
Howdy All,

New user playing with CouchDB to evaluate whether it will work for our
needs.  I have a good bit of experience with standard SQL and recently
with Amazon's SimpleDB, but I'll admit my brain is stretching a bit to
get the 'couch db' way of doing things.

Anyways, in my particular case, I have a set of records, let's say
they are websites, which have an id of their URL, and various
attributes, including the 'title' of the URL.

I want the ability to be able to find all sites which contain a
particular word in their title.  I know that isn't directly supported
in couch-db, and that there is a Lucene 'add on', but I'd rather avoid
that if possible.

What I have tried is to create a view that is built by doing basic
tokenization of the titles, emitting each individual word in lowercase
with a null value.  Once created this acts as an inverted file index,
allowing me to find all the documents that contain a particular word
etc..  And it seems to work ok, it is fast, and updating documents
seems reasonably fast as well.  I can also do 'OR' queries using the
keys POST call on the view, which satisfies my requirements perfectly.

What's the catch?  Is this ok to do?  Any gotchas I should be aware of?



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